Here you'll find photos of our cats and kittens that moved on to new home, mostly as pets but some as breeding and show cats. 

Ishcus Obretta is now living in Carlow with Paddy and his family, and is now called Elsa! She's fitting right in, and we're delighted she has such a great home.

Dotcom Yummy Cupcake has retired and now lives with Elaine in Cork. She produced many fantastic kittens for us, including the indomitable Harrison! She's greatly missed but we're delighted she has a top notch home.

Ishcus Nearco, known as Nico, has gone to live with Dionne in Dublin. He has recently welcomed his first litter! You can check out Nearco and the rest of Dionne's gang on her Facebook page, Cula Bula Cats

Ishcus Sweet Caroline has now gone to live with Maggie in south Kilkenny! She will continue her show career, and is currently establishing control over her three new dog housemates.

Ishcus Street Cry has also moved on, and has achieved the status of QGC (Quadruple Grand Champion). He is now known as Buck, and lives with Pamela of Silverfern Maine Coons

Ishcus Charisma has been spayed and is now enjoying the retired life in Donegal.