Located in beautiful county Kilkenny, our cattery has been producing champion Maine Coons since 2000, after taking a break to travel with our children and their show ponies.   

Our cats are reared in the family home with safe access to an outside area. The kittens are born in the bedroom, where they stay for the first 3 weeks of their lives. They then move to a purpose built kitten room until after their first vaccinations, when they join the rest of the household, including the dogs! They leave us at 13 to 14 weeks and are usually neutered before hand and of course fully vaccinated.

All of our cats are DNA tested for HCM and SMA, and are hip scored. We regularly scan our cats' hearts and hope to produce healthy, loving cats.

We like to show our cats so we can be sure we are breeding true to type. We show mostly at TICA shows, but occasionally GCCF & GCCFI.